FISPGHAN/World Congress Outreach awards will be granted to allow participation in the World Congress by colleagues from countries designated as other than high income by the World Bank (see link). These awards in the amount of $1000 USD will help defray travel expenses for investigators from laboratories and institutions who lack supplemental support for international travel.  These awards will be given to investigators who demonstrate (in written way) that they would not be able to attend the meeting without financial support and will be the first and presenting author of the abstract. Membership in a FISPGHAN Society is not required.


Young Investigator Awards will be granted to young investigators presenting an abstract at the Congress.  The awards in the amount of $1000 USD are designed to help defray travel expenses to and from the meeting and to encourage participation by young investigators as well as recognize the scientific excellence of their research.  The author of the abstract should be ten years less beyond Pediatric GI/Nutrition training (letter attesting to this status must accompany the request) and be the first author of the abstract.  Membership in a FISPGHAN Society is not required.