The Venue

Buenos Aires Convention Center

New 5,000-capacity state-of-the-art Convention Center with sustainable design.

Buenos Aires Convention Centre (CEC), one of the city's most important developments in recent years. Its innovative architectural design offers versatile column-free exhibition spaces, comprising three underground levels in order to preserve the landscape of the site between the University of Buenos Aires Law Faculty and Parque Thays. Solar panels on the exterior of the building go towards meeting city sustainability standards, while there are bus stops and an underground metro (subte) station (Línea H) nearby.

The project was led by the architect Edgardo Minond with a sustainable design in mind. It is characterized by high-quality building infrastructure, unique designs and the adaptability of pillar-free interior designs. This artistic work was specifically designed in order to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of the surrounding green areas building an underground venue.

How to reach CEC

Located in the heart of Recoleta with easy access by all means of transportation. Surrounded by gastronomic areas, iconic museums and hotels

Address: Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 2099 - Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

More information about the location can be found on CEC´s website,

Sustainability as a priority

The convention center’s three underground levels allowed the preservation of surrounding green spaces and trees, while innovative design features include solar panels, a careful use of natural light to save energy, and the collection of rainwater for watering plants.


The venue -Floorplans

Spacious and versatile: it can be subdivided to host several events simultaneously, adapted to the format and dimension of every event.

20,196 m2 of indoor space

Plenary Room with capacity for more than 4,500 pax

Auxiliary Rooms for 600 pax

1,600 m2 foyer

16,290 m2 of green public space.